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To enter a query, just type in a few descriptive words and hit the 'enter' key (or click on the Search button) for a list of relevant entries. Refining or narrowing your search is as simple as adding more words to the search terms you have already entered. Your new query will return a smaller subset of the documents found for your original "too-broad" query.

By default, the database only returns items that include all of your search terms, not necessarily as a phrase. Keep in mind that the order in which the terms are typed will not affect the search results.

To find items that contain the words in the text as an exact phrase, simply enclose the words with double quotes: "mathematical applications".

Use '*' at the end of a term for arbitrary continuations of that word.
E.g. scient* will find entries that contain words like scientific, scientiarum, scientia, etc.

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I. M. Gelfand 1913-2009

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