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How to elaborate what teachers should learn? Five steps for content specification of professional development programs, exemplified by “moves supporting participation in classroom discussions”. (English. German summary)
J. Math.-Didakt. 36, No. 2, 233-257 (2015).
Summary: This paper aims at widening the discussion on the research-based design of professional development (PD) programs: from the prevailing “how-questions” (with their focus on the pedagogy and didactical principles for PD) to the “what-questions.” What-questions focus on the specification of the content in the PD program that should surmount deficit-oriented views on teachers’ perspectives. The presentation of a five-step program for the theoretically and empirically grounded process of content specification of a PD program is exemplified by the content “moves supporting participation in classroom discussions.”
Classification: B50 D39 C50
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