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Developing a survey for assessing preferences in constructivist context-aware ubiquitous learning environments. (English)
J. Comput. Assist. Learn. 28, No. 3, 250-264 (2012).
Summary: This study presents a new perspective to facilitate learner-centred weblog evaluation, based on content attractiveness, blogging support, and the value-added service construct. A mixed method, combining fishbone diagram, fuzzy logic techniques, and the analytic hierarchy process, was conducted to identify further the criteria that attract bloggers to engage in blogging, based on user perspectives in a higher education context. Results indicate that the dimensions of content attractiveness and value-added service for the benefit of students contributed two-thirds of the overall weights. Respondents’ appreciating a pleasant atmosphere is the first priority. Findings also indicated both similarities and differences among freshmen, non-freshmen, and instructors and provide a valuable reference for various types of learning resources. This study made two contributions to research. First, the extracted weight values of the critical factors from the proposed hierarchical system framework serve as guidelines for enhancing the robustness and attractiveness of weblog content. Second, the evaluation process provided insights for managing weblog quality effectiveness to promote joyful interactions while exhibiting mutual connections.
Classification: P70 Q20 R30 U50
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