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Teachers’ perceptions of their profession in relation to reform in mathematics education. (English)
Math. Educ. 11, No. 1-2, 159-180 (2008).
Summary: In their comprehensive analysis of school mathematics education from the “new math” movement of the 1950s to reform efforts of the 1980s, Fey and Graeber contend that mathematics education reform efforts contain cyclical crisis-reform-reaction episodes. The current research examines a selected group of teachers’ understanding of reform and the impact of the cycle of reform on their attitudes about their profession. The teachers in this study, participants in a professional development experience supporting progressive reform efforts in California during the 1990s, responded to a survey and follow-up interviews were conducted with a representative sample. The findings indicate that participants were supportive of the reform movement, but felt “left out” of the decision-making process ‒ especially when the reform movement ended. If cycles of reform continue in mathematics education, teachers may become less willing to participate in future reform efforts. Furthermore, cycles of reform may lead to a decrease in teacher morale, which may in turn lead to teachers leaving the profession, thereby further exacerbating the impending teacher shortage within and beyond the U.S. context.
Classification: C29 D30 B50
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