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A reflection about mathematics modelling in the context of critical mathematics education. (Uma reflexão sobre a modelagem matemática no contexto da educação matematática crítica.) (Portuguese)
Bolema 19, No. 25, 71-88 (2006).
With this study we intend to discuss the possibilities for inserting modeling in the context of Critical Mathematical Education, approaching reflections that can contribute to the student’s political growth. In the one hand, this political growth is associated with political awareness resulting from the student’s actions in investigations related to all themes from modeling projects, in discussions that come with results and in debates about the reach of these results and their social consequences. On the other hand, this growth is associated with political action that becomes real due to the student’s involvement with the community. We conclude this study by indicating that the student’s growth process should be seen as way of mathematical alphabetizing that goes beyond the exclusivity of just learning mathematics for its own sake, but valuing the formation of a critical student, who knows the problems in society and is aware of the importance of his contribution to the community. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: M10 D30 A40
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