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Gove computing. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 239, 44-46 (2014).
Summary: It is often easy for policy makers to criticise the status quo. But, in computing terms the status-quo is likely to have a life that can be measured in units smaller than hours. Thus, to set out notions of future planning and development in curriculum terms, might be likened to ‘finding the end of a rainbow’. However as the author suggests, ‘While I do not suppose that programming should be a compulsory subject for all, I do think that it is a wonderful companion to mathematics and science’. Taking this as a starting point, here are well documented examples of using a programming language to develop a general purpose technical drawing program, together with an application of computing in numerical integration. Or, maybe policymakers are working on an approach that best fits the description ‒ “back to yesterday’s future".
Classification: D30 U70 G40 N40
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