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An examination of the preparation and practice of grades 7‒12 mathematics teachers from the Shandong province in China. (English)
J. Math. Teach. Educ. 16, No. 2, 149-160 (2013).
Summary: This paper presents the findings of a study that examined the preparation and teaching practice of ten teachers of grades 7‒12 from the Shandong province in China. This study revealed that a multi-dimensional training system has been developed to help the teachers gradually build up their knowledge base for teaching. The findings of this study indicated that the prospective teacher education emphasized a deep understanding of advanced mathematics, while the teacher professional development provided meaningful and effective ongoing activities for the enhancement of teaching skills. The teacher professional development appears to be an essential supplement to the prospective teacher education for improving teachers’ performance and developing teaching expertise.
Classification: B50 C49 D30 D40
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