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Software engineering: from machine learning to social sharing. (English)
Consortium 109, 4-5 (2015).
From the text: Mathematics and technology have always developed in tandem, but the pace of technology innovation has never been as rapid as it is today. Mathematics serves as a logical foundation, a toolbox, and a deep trove of ideas for the entrepreneurs, designers, and programmers who populate the tech sector. These creative thinkers are creating smartphone apps that enhance everyday life and business systems that smooth transactions behind the scenes. Chaitanya Saxena is a Silicon Valley software engineer who leverages his quantitative background and computing skills to create new technology. For his master’s degree in computer science, he studied machine learning, an application of probability that helps our phones and computers tag our photos and understand our voices. Chaitanya now works full time at a start-up that helps other tech firms keep their computer systems healthy, and he spends his own time developing an app to help people connect over shared interests. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for this Math at Work column.
Classification: P50 P20 M50
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