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Learning as a mathematics teacher educator through narrative interviewing. (English)
Smith, C. (ed.), Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). Vol. 33, No. 1. Proceedings of the day conference, University of Bristol, UK, March 2, 2013. London: British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). 1-6 (2013).
Summary: Over many years, I have carried out narrative interviews with practising mathematics teachers for a range of purposes: on their first lessons of the school year; on their role as mentors for mathematics student teachers; and focusing on their learning as teachers of algebra to year 7 students (to mention a few examples). I focus on two strands that illustrate my learning as a mathematics teacher educator; the first on what I have learnt about interviewing, particularly narrative interviewing where stories are co-constructed during the interviews; and the second on my learning about mathematics teacher development that gets applied back into my work on a secondary one-year PGCE course.
Classification: C39 C20
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