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Geometry and geometrical education in contemporary secondary schools ‒ practice and problems. (Geometria i kształcenie geometryczne we współczesnej szkole średniej i wyższej ‒ praktyka i problemy.) (Polish. English summary)
Ann. Univ. Paedagog. Crac. 141, Stud. Didact. Math. Pertin. 5, 121-127 (2013).
Summary: The article presents the genesis of the international conference Geometry and geometrical education in the current secondary and high school, which took place on November 22‒25, 2012 at Togliatti State University. This conference was dedicated to the 70th birthday of professor W. A. Gusiew, professor of mathematics education, author and co-author of geometry textbooks and methodological guidebooks for mathematics teachers. In this article, the essential threads of the plenary lecture of professor W. A. Gusiew and the points of the scientific program of the Togliatti conference are discussed. The plenary lecture, as well as papers and groups’ and round table discussions revealed the results of research on the problems of geometry, and the state, quality and current problems of geometrical education of pupils and students. Both Russian and foreign participants of the conference, while judging and summarizing the results of the conference, jointly expressed their concerns about the slow pace of adapting the educational systems to the Bologna process, and about the current state and quality of mathematics education. The legitimacy of those concerns is shown by the lower motivation of pupils and students to study geometry and mathematics, a reduced number of mathematics lessons in school, confusing standards of mathematics education, reduced requirements on the mathematics school-leaving examination and mathematics exams at universities.
Classification: G13 G14 D33 D34
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