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Exam corrections: a dual-purpose approach. (English)
PRIMUS, Probl. Resour. Issues Math. Undergrad. Stud. 26, No. 9, 803-810 (2016).
Summary: It is common for freshmen students to enter Calculus I with a wide range of levels of preparation and mastery of background material. In addition, many of the students struggle with the adjustment from high school to college. In an effort to help the students to solidify their understanding of concepts as they progress through the course, as well as to start to think like test makers instead of simply test takers, we implemented the use of a structured and mandatory post-exam assignment. We present our approach that was designed to help the weaker students to solidify their knowledge of the course material while engaging the students who have a strong background in the development of their study skills.
Classification: D65 D45
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