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Databases vs. the Web: A discussion of teaching the use of electronic resources in the library instruction setting. (English)
Internet Ref. Serv. Q. 6, No. 1, 39-47 (2001).
Considering the impact of the World Wide Web upon research behavior, the need for encouraging effective information seeking has never been more urgent, especially to first-year students and students returning to higher education after a period of absence. To address this issue, points that the instruction librarian may communicate to students in an introductory library instruction session include: the concept of the Web as a loosely structured environment (the landscape of the environment); the distinction between the Web and databases delivered via this system (filtered vs. unfiltered information); and the process of ’tool analysis’ (relationship between a database search and results). The goal of this endeavor within library instruction is to encourage critical thinking and effective information seeking within the electronic information environment.
Classification: R55
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