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Pre-service teachers’ transition from ’knowing that’ to ’knowing why’ via computerized project-based learning. (English)
Pateman, Neil A. et al., Proceedings of the 27th Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education held jointly with the 25th Conference of PME-NA. Vol. 3. ,. 181-188 (2003).
The aim of the study was to examine the effects of implementing computerized projectbased- learning (CPBL) approach into a didactical course for third year pre-service mathematics teachers. In this paper we focus on impacts concerning the pre-service teachers as learners. Analysis of the data revealed three main sub-categories relating to aspects concerning the pre-service teachers as learners: the development of selfconfidence in mathematical competence; the contribution of the computerized environment; and the impacts of the classroom discussions. We give evidence to the students’ transition from "knowing that" to "knowing why" the CPBL approach is a promising learning/teaching method for turning the mathematics experience into an exciting and challenging one.
Classification: C39 D49
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