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A tool for rethinking teachers’ questioning. (English)
Math. Teach. Middle Sch. 20, No. 5, 294-302 (2014).
Summary: In this article, the authors present a tool, the Cognitive Rigor Matrix (CRM), as a means to analyze and reflect on the type of questions posed by mathematics teachers. This tool is intended to promote and develop higher-order thinking and inquiry through the use of purposeful questions and mathematical tasks. The authors illustrate the utility of the CRM by examining one teacher’s use of questions during classroom discussions. They also include this teacher’s reactions after seeing the result of the analysis of her questioning techniques, as well as her thought process of using the CRM to reframe her questions through short classroom excerpts. On the basis of their experience with this matrix, they have found that it is useful and might be of interest to classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and professional development providers who wish to modify their classroom questioning techniques. The Cognitive Rigor Matrix is a tool that teachers can use to analyze and reflect on questions and tasks and, in the process, increase the level of rigor. (ERIC)
Classification: D43 C73 C53
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