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Emerging technology trends and ethical practices for the school principal. (English)
J. Educ. Technol. Syst. 38, No. 1, 39-50 (2009-2010).
Summary: What is the school principal\rq s role in ensuring ethical technology use while promoting the use of wireless and advanced technologies in instruction? The rapid advances in technology in only the past 5 years, including the increase in laptops and smart phones, have transformed both educational practices and the role of the school principal as technology leader. In this research analysis, social, legal, and moral issues have emerged as three major concerns. Principals must advocate for equity and access to new technologies in their schools, with an awareness of student diversity in race, language, special needs, and gender. By closing the “digital divide” gap, promoting safe internet use policies, adhering to copyright laws, and ensuring environmentally sound procedures, the educational leader can meet the challenges of emerging technology use.
Classification: U70 P70 Q40 C60
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