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On the equation $x^{-n}+y^{-n}=z^{-n}$. (Az $x^{-n}+y^{-n}=z^{-n}$ egyenletről.) (Hungarian)
Mat. Tan. 17, No. 1, 3-9 (2009).
This article shows using the Fermat-Wiles theorem that the equation $x^{-n}+y^{-n}=z^{-n}$ has solution in integer numbers only the case $n = 1$ and $n = 2$ (same as the Fermat theorem). The method of the proof is elementary except of a reference to Fermat-Wiles theorem. It can be handled by talented pupils in secondary schools as well.
Reviewer: Ödön Vancsó (Budapest)
Classification: F64
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