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L. V. Kantorovich as the founder of linear programming. (Russian)
Vopr. Istor. Estestvozn. Tekh. 2009, No. 4, 77-89 (2009).
The author describes some aspects of the genesis of the linear programming as having roots in concrete economical problems of the planned system of (as he says socialistic) economy in the thirties of the last century and its linkup to Kantorovich mathematical research in functional analysis. In this subject he started to work already as a freshman of the (at that time) Leningrad State University in the twenties and continued later in thirties of the 20th century. Special attention is payed to Kantorovich’s famous publication “Mathematical Methods of Organizing and Planning Production" from 1939. Then the author evaluates his research and successes in the economical sciences and reviews Kantorovich’s postwar contributions to the development and application of the method of linear programming.
Reviewer: Štefan Porubský (Praha)
Classification: A30 N60
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