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The Romanian mathematics education. (English)
Stud. Cercet. Ştiinţ., Ser. Mat., Univ. Bacău 14, 135-170 (2004).
Summary: This report represents a survey on the Romanian mathematics education. We emphasize not only some recent, specific and significant Romanian methods concerning the teaching and learning of mathematics, starting from the pre-school and primary levels to university mathematics education, but also the role of national and international mathematical competitions, the education of mathematics teachers, research advances in mathematics, their contributions and perspectives, mathematics education in society and culture, technology in mathematics education, links between research and practice, topical developments and future and other related topics. This research report was presented at the $10^{th}$ International Congress on Mathematical Education, Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark, $4-11$, July $2004$.
Classification: B20 B40 B50 B60
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