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Taxonomy of multimedia component interactivity - a contribution to the current metadata debate. (English)
Stud. Commun. Sci., No. Special, 61-80 (2003).
In this paper, I would like to propose a scale for the metadata type interactivity. My chosen starting point is a screen from a multimedia learning system, or a web page in a learning platform, containing multimedia components other than pure text in individual "containers" (frames). Multimedia components in this context mean images, diagrams, animation sequences, video clips, audio samples, or tables, formulas, JavaApplets and Flash programs. Using such a page as a point of reference, we have to ask how much freedom of action the author has granted to users of the page, or which types or levels of interactivity have been chosen for the multimedia component. (From the "Preliminary Remark") The paper can be found on:
Classification: U10
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