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Other practical orientations for the degree in mathematics. (Otras orientaciones de la licenciatura de matemáticas.) (Spanish)
Rev. Electrón. Interuniv. Form. Profr. 4, No. 2, 8 p. (2002).
Summary: Starting with a reflection on the compulsory current curricula for the Degree in Mathematics form the point of view of the field of Didactic of Mathematics, we suggest two new professional kinds of training as a possible solution to the generalized decline in the number of new students registered in Mathematics. Firstly, we offer a brief outline of the difficulties the students have to face in order to pass the subjects of matheamtics; then, we indicate the reasons for both, the high percentage of students who give up these studies and the drop of new registrations, all which suggest the necessity for a new direction in the current orientation of mathematics. Finally, we analyse the new students’ profiles and their possibilities for professional working, which, by themselves, support the directions here suggested. The present paper reflects on studying for a degree in Mathematics from the standpoint of preparing to become a teacher of Mathematics and suggests two new professional orientations which may serve to reverse the generalized decline in the number of students opting for a degree in Mathematics. The authors begin with a brief outline of the difficulties students encounter in their Math courses and list the reasons why so many students quit and why the number of potential candidates is dropping. This leads to a presentation of two specific new degrees in Math and includes an analysis of the profile of the students to whom it caters and a short overview of the job possibilities, which in themselves are sufficient reason to pursue these proposed new options.
Classification: B50 A40
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