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Remarks on differences Euclide and Nasiraddin Tusi geometric representations. (English)
Proc. Inst. Math. Mech., Natl. Acad. Sci. Azerb. 24, 71-74 (2006).
The article deals with a comparison between the three versions of Euclid’s Elements. The Arabic version of at-Tusi entitled Tahrir Uqlidis “commentary to Euclid", the Greek version published by Heiberg and the Russian translation of Mord-Bolt. The author studies the propositions of the Euclidean Geometry plane; especially the first three books of Elements. He gives, as examples, of comparison the ninth proposition of first book of Elements and the first one of the same book. At the end the article’s author notes the scientific effort and the logical design of at-Tusi in Euclidean Geometry.
Reviewer: Youcef Guergour (Algier)
Classification: A30
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