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KöMaL. Special English language issue 1996. (English)
Koezepiskolai Mat. Fiz. Lapok, No. 7, 1-64 (1996).
A special English language issue of the Hungarian Mathematical and Physical Journal for Secondary Schools (KöMaL) appears now for the second time. The first one, which was edited in Summer 1994, celebrated the centennial of founding the periodical. This edition was made in honour of the 2nd European Mathematical Congress. The place of this outstanding event is Budapest. In the English edition the editors have collected all the mathematics and physics problems which were submitted in the journal in the last school year. That means 201 exercises and problems in mathematics, 97 in physics. Solutions can be read continuously in the numbers of KöMaL from 1996 to 1997 in Hungarian language.
Classification: U40
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