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Inconsistencies in Einstein’s formulation of relativity theory. (English)
Hadronic J. 32, No. 3, 243-339 (2009).
From the abstract: “We identify a number of inconsistencies in Einstein’s formulation of his theory of relativity. Both Einstein’s postulate of constant speed of light and Lorentz’s postulate of length-contraction are invalid. Einstein’s Lorentz transformation cannot provide invariance for Maxwell’s electromagnetic field equations. \dots His theory cannot explain the Doppler effect and the aberration. His principle of mass-energy equivalence fails with regard to moving bodies. He has made many mathematical errors in the development of his relativistic mechanics. His formulae of moving mass and kinetic energy are inconsistent with each other \dots " However, as one can see by reading the text, the author obviously did not understand the special theory of relativity.
Reviewer: Hans-Jürgen Schmidt (Potsdam)
Classification: M50
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