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Measuring the complexity of students assignments. (English)
Ann. Univ. Sci. Budap. Rolando Eötvös, Sect. Comput. 31, 203-215 (2009).
Summary: The paper deals briefly with the technical background and the pedagogical issues of a specific implementation for the collection, assessment and archiving of student assignments written in Java. The implemented system automatically applies object-oriented metrics on the collected works in order to measure the characteristic features of the assignments. We interpret the measured values within a real Java course held in the 3rd term of the informatics bachelor study programme at a technical university. We observed that measuring the complexity of student assignments is a valuable help for tutors from two points of view. On the one hand, it serves data which enables tutors to detect plagiarism and speeds up the selection process of outstanding works. On the other hand, the experiment supports also didactical goals, e.g., the awareness of the software measurement issue among students. This side effect seems to be a very valuable stepping stone towards understanding the more advanced software engineering topics in the following semesters.
Classification: Q90
Keywords: complexity
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