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Evaluation of the performance of public schools through data envelopment analysis. (Spanish. English summary)
Acta Sci., Technol. 31, No. 1, 71-79 (2009).
Summary: This work intends to analyze the performance of primary and secondary schools comprising the Regional Education Center from Paranavaí-Pr. The evaluation will be carried out employing DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis). The variables, which were classified into two groups (input and output), were extracted from surveys applied directly in the schools and from data recorded in the website Dia a dia da educação. Initially, the degree of relation between both variable groups was measured, showing that, on average, the inputs are able to explain approximately 37\% of the results in primary education schools and 51\% of the results in secondary education schools (output). After calculating the efficiencies considering the CCR DEA method, the outcome is that approximately 55\% of the schools are functioning effectively, with an average score of 0.965. The results are indication of possible flaws related to management, and they aid school principals in their decision-making, as well as the government in allocating resources and effort so that inefficient schools perform with effectiveness.
Classification: B20 C90
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