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Teaching mathematics: Issues and solutions. (English)
Teach. Except. Child. Plus 6, No. 1, 15 p. (2009).
Summary: The ability to compute, problem solve, and apply concepts and skills in mathematics influences multiple decisions in our lives. The National Research Council (1989) reported that mathematics is especially evident in our technology-rich society, where number sense and problem solving skills have increased the importance and demands of advanced levels of proficiency. However, mathematics is often challenging for students with and without disabilities to master. Comparison studies have focused on student results which show US students not performing as well in math as students in many other developed countries (USDOE, 2000). This manuscript describes the changing context and expectations of math standards and curriculum, given the specific characteristics of students with disabilities. Various research-based instructional methods and strategies are described to address the revised standards in math for teachers to effectively meet the learning needs of students with and without disabilities to master mathematics. (Contains 3 figures.) (ERIC)
Classification: D46
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