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The Riemann hypothesis. A million dollar problem. Translated from the Dutch by the authors. (English)
Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library 46. Washington, DC: The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) (ISBN 978-0-88385-650-5/pbk; 978-0-88385-989-6/ebook). xi, 144~p. (2015).
The book is a very good introduction to the Riemann Hypothesis on the location of non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta-function, written in the comprehensible style for talented secondary school students and university students. The material is originated from an online course organized by the University of Amsterdam. This book consists of four chapters (Prime numbers; The zeta-function; The Riemann hypothesis; Primes and the Riemann hypothesis); each chapter is rich by numerous exercises whose solutions are given at the end of the book.
Reviewer: Renata Macaitiene (Vilnius)
Classification: A80 F65
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