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Pre-algebra out loud. Learning mathematics through reading and writing activities. (English)
Jossey-Bass Teacher. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass (ISBN 978-0-470-53949-1/pbk). xv, 186~p. (2013).
“Pre-algebra out loud” is the third book in the math “out loud" series by the author [Algebra out loud. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass Teacher (2003; ME 2014b.00547); Geometry out loud. San Francisco, CA: Jossey Bass Teacher (2008; ME 2014b.00469)]. As the subtitle “Learning mathematics through reading and writing activities” suggests the book contains a variety of reading and writing activities and strategies to support students in learning how to summarize, analyze, present, utilize and retain mathematical content. This book is meant for use as a supplement resource in (American) grades 6‒8 and contains descriptions of classroom tested activities as well as reproducible worksheets. The book is organized into eight chapters that are considered by the author as the main pre-algebra topics in secondary school: The basic tools of algebra; Exploring infinite sets; Topics in integers; Number theory; Fractions, decimals, and percents; Equations and inequalities; Visualizing algebra by graphing; and Geometry. Each chapter contains two mini-lessons, followed by two to four activities each. The activities are structured similarly by the headings: What? Description; Why? Objectives; and How? Examples. “The activities are meant to teach students how to read, think, and write mathematics efficiently, effectively, and accurately.” (p. xiii) A worksheet often completes the activity. Pre-algebra out loud might be a good resource for teachers who want to enrich their lessons with mathematics teaching methods that go beyond students watching and repeating but instead help students to a deeper understanding of the topic.
Reviewer: Miriam Lüken (Bielefeld)
Classification: H13 D43
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