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Can e-platform help with mathematical problems pupils who are interested in math? (English)
Billich, Martin (ed.) et al., Teaching mathematics. Innovation, new trends, research. Proceedings from the 15th Slovak-Czech-Polish mathematical school, Spišské, Podhradie, Slovakia, June 4‒8, 2008. Ružomberok: Catholic University, Pedagogical Faculty (ISBN 978-80-8084-418-9/pbk). Scientific Issues, 245-254 (2009).
Summary: In nowadays many new medias came in to school. One of them is platform of distance learning. Some pupils have big troubles with solving math’s problems in normal school. The question is “Can e-platform help with mathematical problems?” I concentrate on pupils who are interested in mathematics. Some results of investigations will be show in the work.
Reviewer: Jaroslav Perný (Liberec)
Classification: U73 D43 D53
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