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Tactile mathematics. (English)
Dewar, Jacqueline (ed.) et al., Mathematics education. A spectrum of work in mathematical sciences departments. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-44949-4/hbk; 978-3-319-44950-0/ebook). Association for Women in Mathematics Series 7, 305-317 (2016).
Summary: Tactile mathematics, defined as recognizing deep mathematical concepts through engagement with physical objects, can be used to help students discover mathematics for themselves. This paper discusses the design of tactile learning activities, the insertion of such activities into existing courses, and special considerations for courses to be taught almost entirely with tactile activities. We explain a specific example activity for a group theory course. A collection of mathematics faculty members experienced in tactile learning contribute their thoughts on the implementation of largely tactile mathematics courses. We end with the role of tactile mathematics in the author’s career.
Classification: U60 D40 M80
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