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Profiling mathematics teacher professional development in Malaysia. (English)
Kaur, Berinderjeet (ed.) et al., Professional development of mathematics teachers. An Asian perspective. Singapore: Springer (ISBN 978-981-10-2596-9/hbk; 978-981-10-2598-3/ebook). Mathematics Education ‒ An Asian Perspective, 77-88 (2017).
Summary: This chapter is aimed to provide an insight of mathematics teacher professional development in Malaysia. In general, there exist two strands on what constitute or perceive as teacher professional development in the Malaysian context. On one strand, the education agencies under the Ministry of Education (MOE) conduct in-service courses and workshops for teachers to cater the requirements and changes in the mathematics curriculum. This is meant to ensure that teachers are competent to teach and deliver what is transpired in the curriculum. On the other strand, research-based projects such as action research and Lesson Study have provided some autonomy and empowerment for teachers to dictate their own professional development. Both strands of teacher professional development would have direct or indirect influence towards teachers’ teaching. The discussion includes some contemporary issues pertaining to the mathematics teacher professional development. It was observed that generally, teachers show little interest and commitment towards their professional development even though they are aware of its importance in their teaching. The factors are attributed to the over emphasis of examination, administrators’ leadership, teachers’ skepticism and lack of structural support in school for teachers’ professional development. In recent years, the MOE mandated several policies that aimed to put emphasis on teacher professional development such as making it a compulsory requirement for career advancement. There are also efforts to make professional development a school-based programme through teacher collaboration. These would deem more effective and practical in long term as indicated in the research and literatures that promote and support teachers to be self-committed, motivated, and yearning for professional development.
Classification: B50 D49
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