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Analysis of errors in student solutions of context-based mathematical tasks. (English)
Acta Math. Nitriensia 1, No. 1, 68-75 (2015).
Summary: The submitted contribution is concerned with analysis of errors made by students when solving context-based mathematical tasks. The contribution comprises evaluation of four tasks which were designed by the authors of the contribution within project KEGA 015 UKF-4/2012 in Slovakia. Altogether 56 first and second year students of primary teacher training university master programme were asked to solve the tasks. The errors in the student solutions were identified and classified primarily following Newman’s error categories and additional categories suggested by the authors of the contribution, who furthermore propose 13 error subtypes. In total 127 inappropriate solutions of the four tasks were included in the evaluation. The authors present a sign scheme and a correspondence map of student errors based on statistical analysis. As evidenced by the analysis, students make similar errors when solving tasks of the same type. The objective of the authors is to identify accurately and classify the error types occurring in student solutions.
Classification: D70
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