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Relative influence of language on primary and secondary school pupils’ performance in science and mathematics in Lesotho. (English)
J. South. Afr. Assoc. Res. Math. Sci. Educ. 3, No. 1, 35-49 (1999).
Summary: The results of both the Primary School Leaving, and the Junior Certificate examinations of the same set of 174 pupils from English- and non-English-medium schools in Maseru district of Lesotho were analysed to determine the influence of English on the performance of primary and secondary school pupils. The results show that performance in English accounts for a high percentage of overall academic achievement as well as in science and mathematics, and hence serves as a discriminating factor in pupils’ performance. Such significant influence tends to ease off as level of education advances, and when performance in English is controlled for, the significant influence of type-of-school on achievement in science and mathematics drops or reduces significantly.
Classification: C50
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