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Using everyday experiences in teaching mathematics: a case study of change in Malawian classrooms. (English)
J. South. Afr. Assoc. Res. Math. Sci. Educ. 5, No. 1, 53-64 (2001).
Summary: Proponents of education reform in Malawi have recently recognized the need to provide secondary education that is more responsive to the needs and realities of society. The research being reported in this article investigated teachers’ experiences in experimenting with the use of everyday experiences in teaching mathematics in two schools in Malawi. This study explored the extent to which teachers’ classroom practices and their views of mathematics teaching changed, as a consequence of using everyday experiences in their classrooms. The results show that there were limited changes in teachers’ practices and their views of mathematics teaching due to teachers’ emphasis on meeting school examination requirements. For these changes to have occurred, considerable teaching commitments were required.
Classification: D30 M10
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