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Visualization of specific sets of points of conic sections using the tools of dynamic geometry. (Vizualizace specifických množin bodů kuželoseček pomocí nástrojů dynamické geometrie.) (Czech. English summary)
Stud. Sci. Fac. Paedagog. 15, No. 4, 157-167 (2016).
Summary: One of the important mathematical skills, which pupils need to develop, is the ability of geometrical thinking. Pupils need stimulating activities, which enable them to solve geometric problems. Development of geometrical thinking takes time and therefore the pupils require of geometrical terms and their characteristics. An example might be various geometrical places of points or also sets of points of given property. It starts already at primary school, respectively in kindergarten, where there is a development of intuitive perception of the world around. We can show pupils, at the higher school levels, known geometrical objects as sets of points, even in less common situations. In this paper, we show at several geometrical places of points of conic sections, what are the possibilities for the development of pupil geometrical thinking, but especially how to use the tools of dynamic geometry effectively, for their own discovering and visualization and making them their discovery process easier and accelerates checking acquired knowledge.
Classification: G70 U70
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