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The changes of learning attitude in mathematics for underachievers of learning mathematics using mentoring. (Korean. English summary)
East Asian Math. J. 30, No. 2, 123-148 (2014).
Summary: The purpose of this article described the effects of a mentoring program to the underachiever’s attitude in leaning mathematics. In order to do this research, a mentoring class had been carried out for 30 weeks, with two students who was underachievers in mathematics. It was carried out a contrastive analysis on the student’s learning attitude in the math class before and after the mentoring, using a questionnaire of learning attitude in math with 40 questions, filling the blanks in sentence, recording files of class, and mentoring journals. As a result, before taking the mentoring class, student who participated in the mentoring program were negative and low in five subordinate concepts (learning attitude, such as their tendency, interest, desire, confidence, attitude, and studying habits in math). However, after the mentoring class, the two students were remarkably changed in positive way on the five concepts in learning mathematics. Therefore, it is helpful to underachievers in mathematics if the mentoring program is used since it yields a positive impact on the learning attitude.
Classification: C20 C30 C90
Keywords: attitudes; mentoring
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