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The formation of values of education in the mathematics teachers of the future in the process of adaptation into university study. (English)
Math. Educ. (Ank.) 10, No. 3, 147-155 (2015).
Summary: The topicality of the problem is in the fact that the applicant ‒ future teachers of mathematics ‒ has a value of education which is only partially formed. This will affect the adaptation of first-year higher education students. The article reveals the necessity for theoretical basis of the educational values’ formation of first-year students who are set to become future teachers of mathematics. The leading method in the study of this problem is experiment. As a result of pedagogical experiment, the first-year students’ level of educational value begins to increase. Students evaluated the need for interaction, self-esteem, education, and the importance of motive to scientific activities. Materials from this article may be useful for the curators of student groups, high school teachers and heads of departments. These materials can be used in their work with first-year students of higher educational institutions, as well as for researchers in organizing and conducting experiments on the problem within a higher educational institution.
Classification: B55 D39
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