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International perspectives on learning and teaching mathematics. (English)
NCM/Göteborg University, Göteborg (ISBN 91-85143-01-4). 606 p. (2004).
There are many factors influencing mathematics learning. However, what teachers believe, what they know and the actions they take within and outside the classroom provide the greatest impact on students’ confidence and learning of mathematics. This book has contributions from 14 countries and more than 50 mathematics educators. The scope of their expertise clearly illustrates how varied, complex and stimulating the study of mathematics education is. It also demonstrates, that teachers and researchers around the world share a powerful interest to improve mathematics learning for all students. The book is written for teachers at work, for pre-service and in-service education, master- and postgraduate courses. The thirty-nine chapters are divided into seven main sections: 1. International Perspectives, 2. Building Children’s Understanding, 3. Problem Solving and Modelling, 4. Learning from Assessments, 5. Theoretical Perspectives on Learning, 6. Responding to Contexts, 7. Towards Learner Centred Teaching. The articles are reviewed individually in ZDM/MATHDI.
Classification: D10 D30
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