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Framework supporting cross-thematic teaching. (English)
Far East J. Math. Educ. 2, No. 2, 143-163 (2008).
Summary: The recent application of the Cross-Thematic Study Programme Framework in Greek compulsory education has highlighted a series of problems and difficulties. The questions and problems that surfaced requires specific scientific research and remedies, with the submission of proposals to support the teaching that conform to the modern theories for learning but also take into account the opinions of the teachers. This paper strives to contribute in this direction. Initially, it presents a statement of opinions of secondary education teaching staff in relation to the need for the existence of a Cross-Thematic concepts identification methodology and continues with the presentation of the methodology CTMS (Cross-Thematic Management System) for the identification and management of Cross-Thematic concepts in the subjects of compulsory education. It presents the results from the application this method, following the registration of Cross-Thematic concepts across a range of subjects by teachers, following the phases of the method. Finally, it presents a piece of research involving teachers of secondary education in relation to the factors involved in the actualization of cross thematic teaching, with the objective of highlighting those points where there is a need for them to concentrate their efforts so much the education bodies, as well as the teaching staff, in order to achieve continually improving success in Cross-Thematic teaching.
Classification: D40
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