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Variations of in-service training for primary mathematics teachers: an empirical study. (English)
ZDM, Math. Educ. 47, No. 1, 65-77 (2015).
Summary: Previous findings indicate that the effectiveness of in-service teacher training can be increased by a (pedagogical) content knowledge orientation on the one hand and the stimulation of cooperation among teachers on the other. In this paper, three versions of a multi-phase training program were compared in a quasi-experimental field study with a pre-post follow-up design: (A) a pedagogical content-focused version; (B) a version that especially stimulated cooperation; and (C) a version that combined both aspects. Additionally, two control groups D and E were investigated. Results show that trainings A and C were evaluated more positively, or at least not worse, than training B and the control groups D and E with regard to (1) the acceptance of the training in terms of the promotion of process-related competences as well as of cooperation, (2) the acceptance of the innovation, and (3) teachers’ epistemological beliefs.
Classification: D39 D49 B50 C29
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