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A report on the use of tablet technology and screen recording software in tertiary mathematics courses. (English)
N. Z. Math. Mag. 45, No. 1, 1-19 (2008).
Summary: Recent developments in technology have allowed lecturers to experiment with new ways of presenting and recording lectures in several mathematics and statistics courses at the University of Auckland. Lectures have been delivered using a tablet computer, with all the activity on the screen captured as a digital recording along with audio-narration of the lecturer\rq s commentary. This paper describes the thoughts, challenges and experiences of the staff involved in establishing this project, and reports on the findings from a number of sources of student-feedback with respect to the use of this technology. Whilst there have been some teething problems in the initial stages, our overall impression is that this technology greatly enhances students\rq learning experiences, and we should continue to develop the potential of this technology.
Classification: U85 U75 R25
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