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Forming teacher researchers: Experience in the normal course of the institute of higher education in Rio de Janeiro in mathematics. (Formando professores pesquisadores: A experiência do curso normal superior do instituto superior de educação do Rio de Janeiro na área de matemática.) (Portuguese)
Bol. GEPEM, No. 43, 97-112 (2003).
This article presents the report of a research experience accomplished at the Superior Institute of Education of Rio de Janeiro. It is a research, in the area of mathematics teaching, it was developed in the superior normal course, involving students of the final periods of the referred course. It was looked for to research and to discuss the teachers’ ideas about what is ’number’ and how they feel this learning. The subject of the research were teachers of the initial series of the public and private net of the municipal district of Rio de Janeiro. We bring, also, in this text, some necessary information seeking to guide the reader concerning the proposal of teaching of the course in which this project interfered, as well as the theoretical basis that support the ideas about the valorization of the research as an element curricular of the courses of teachers’ initial formation. I present, at the end, as reporter and advisor of the research, considerations that this research allowed us to elaborate on the educational practice of the subjects researched about what this practice is related to the development of the number concept. (Authors’ abstract)
Classification: B50 D30
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