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Student performance and success factors in learning business statistics in online vs. on-ground classes using a web-based assessment platform. (English)
J. Stat. Educ. 23, No. 1, 19 p., electronic only (2015).
Summary: This study aimed to quantify the influence of student attributes, coursework resources, and online assessments on student learning in business statistics. Surveys were administered to students at the completion of both online and on-ground classes, covering student perception and utilization of internal and external academic resources, as well as intrinsic motivating factors for success in the course. Student performance as defined by quality points, various assignment points, and time spent on assignments, was not significantly different between on-ground and online students. However, use of resources and tools to complete homework and learn new topics differed. As a whole, students predominantly utilized homework as the first tool to learn new topics and complete homework, suggesting a paradigm shift in the way instructors should cater to students’ learning habits.
Classification: K15 M45 U55 D45 C35
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