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An exploration of learning ability transition and material information. (English)
J. Educ. Comput. Res. 26, No. 3, 301-324 (2002).
The asynchronous learning system is one of the great tools that have broken through the limits of time and space to make learning available to all people in the future. In order to provide adaptive learning material and environment, it is important for an asynchronous learning system to take the degree of difficulty in the teaching materials and learner’s characteristics into account. Thus, this article will investigate the related characteristics of asynchronous material and propose a material characteristics model. This model investigates the relationship among the difficulty degree of material, students’ interests, and their abilities. Furthermore, we will investigate the material information to comprehend thoroughly the suitability of the teaching materials to the learner. The material information is based on promoting learning ability. From the above results, an asynchronous learning system could provide adaptive material that is suitable for students with different learning abilities. Students could be counseled on reaching the anticipated learning goal using our model. The ability after learning could be calculated from the model to help the testing system to choose test items quickly and adaptively and make the asynchronous learning system more effective and complete. (orig.)
Classification: C38
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