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Microsoft Internet information server 4: The complete reference. (English)
Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, CA (ISBN 0-07-882457-5). 815 p. (1998).
The authors reveal many examples, steps, and information on Microsoft Internet Information Server 4, from installation and setup to performance tuning amd monitoring, in an encycopledic form. The reader finds information on planning, building, and managing a Web site, and gets the latest scoop on ActiveX, ISAPI, and DCOM. Special sections on electronic commerce, security, and networking are also included. In particular, the reader learns to: Install and configure IIS 4; Master new Microsoft technologies: MTS 2, MMC, Index Server 2, multiple Web site hosting; Discover secrets to maximum server performance; Ease administration tasks using the setup wizards; Configure the intranet; Manage and troubleshoot TCP/IP; Handle fault tolerance, replication, and backup; Secure internal networks; Handle user account and file system administration; Build virtual directories and virtual servers; Master logging and auditing tasks; Handle back-end services and data acess issues.
Classification: P30
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