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The effect of using a mobile literacy game to improve literacy levels of grade one students in Zambian schools. (English)
Educ. Technol. Res. Dev. 62, No. 4, 417-436 (2014).
Summary: This intervention study was conducted to document conditions under which a computer based literacy game (GraphoGame) could enhance literacy skills of first grade students in an African city. The participants were first grade students from Government schools ($N=573$). These students were randomly sampled into control ($N=314$) and various intervention groups ($N=259$). GraphoGame was administered on cellphones to students at their schools under supervision. Each student in the study was assessed using a battery of locally developed cognitive tests that measured emergent literacy skills (Orthography test), decoding competence (Spelling test), vocabulary (Picture Vocabulary Test ‒ PVT) and arithmetic (Zambia Achievement Test ‒ ZAT). There was a positive effect of the game for the Spelling test ‒ which closely targeted the skill GraphoGame is designed to promote. The most effective intervention combined exposure of both the teachers and the students to the game. Initial letter knowledge was a good predictor of final letter knowledge on GraphoGame.
Classification: U72 F32 C32
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