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Implicit and explicit memory in learning from social software: a dual-process account. (English)
Kloos, Carlos Delgado (ed.) et al., Towards ubiquitous learning. 6th European Conference of Technology Enhanced Learning, EC-TEL 2011, Palermo, Italy, September 20‒23, 2011. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-23984-7/pbk). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6964, 449-454 (2011).
Summary: Inspired by a recent surge to understand social cognitive processes in collaborative knowledge building, we have devised an experiment in which students learned from contents of a wiki. One of the informative results we observed was a dissociation between implicit and explicit memory measures that we used to track student’s learning: an association test, and the drawing of concept maps, respectively. We put these initial results in the context of experimental research in cognitive psychology and show how the co-evolution model (Cress and Kimmerle, 2008) could account for them. With several network measures, we also suggest some ways of how to measure assimilation and accommodation, both in internal and external knowledge representations.
Classification: R30
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