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Learning communities in a STEM education network: scaling-up a talent development programme. (English)
Maaß, Katja (ed.) et al., Educating the educators: international approaches to scaling-up professional development in mathematics and science education. Proceedings of the conference hosted jointly by project mascil (mathematics and science for life) and the German Centre for Mathematics Education (DZLM), Essen, Germany, December 15‒16, 2014. Münster: WTM-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-942197-77-9/pbk; 978-3-942197-85-4/ebook). Conference Proceedings in Mathematics Education 2, 304-315 (2015).
From the text: The aim of this paper is to learn some lessons from the strategy Junior College Utrecht has followed for scaling-up the results of the innovation it strives to achieve, using professional learning communities on different levels of its network (students, teachers, schools). Therefore, the central questions of this paper are: { indent=6mm\item{‒} How can a school-university partnership successfully implement talent development for senior secondary school students and scale this up to its partner schools and nation-wide? \item{‒} What can be the role of the learning communities in this process? }
Classification: D30 D40 B20 B40 B50
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