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A crude symbolic description of a security system. (English)
Menemui Mat. 28, No. 1, 21-27 (2006).
Summary: There exist engineering systems that are designed systematically but improper mathematically. Often the system is modelled by specific function blocks, which later, interconnections among the blocks are made. However, to our knowledge, there is no holism to system modelling in which the system as a whole determines the important ways each of the components or function blocks behave. In contrast, we present a way of describing a security system by mere symbols. The system consists of symbolized elements such as USER, SENSOR, AGENT, FUSION LEVEL, and SECURITY LAYER. The symbols explain the links and interactions among these elements. In this paper, we offer the audience on how we suspect as the holistic modelling approach to a security system design. Suppose a security system accepts some external inputs in the form of unique data provided by users. The data are then secured by intelligent agents, which are readily embedded within the system. The agents work as transporters as well as observers. If the system is designed such that it has a number of data fusion levels where the data is passed through, is processed if necessary, and yield to system’s crisp decision onto intended security levels; then how would the designer model the system using some crudely defined mathematical descriptions?
Classification: M50 P20 P70 R50
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