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Conversation about SimCalc, its evolution and lessons along the way. (English)
Hegedus, Stephen J. (ed.) et al., The SimCalc vision and contributions. Democratizing access to important mathematics. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-94-007-5695-3/hbk; 978-94-007-5696-0/ebook). Advances in Mathematics Education, 463-474 (2013).
Summary: We come to this chapter with complementary perspectives around the building and supporting of research communities in learning and education research. The chapter is organized as a mutual commentary by former program officials from the National Science Foundation (NSF), built around a few questions to allow different perspectives to be visible ‒ from mathematics education, from the interplay between technology and pedagogy, from policy, and from funding strategies. We use SimCalc’s history and achievements to discuss the need for vision and long time frames in funding, and point to multiple levels of research entailed in the process of achieving broad impact.
Classification: U50 D20 B20 B70 D30
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